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Shade matching

Our bespoke shade matching is designed to give your restorations a natural and individual appearance to meet the desired expectations.

As well as our wealth of experience we use the very latest equipment to gain the highest levels of appearance. A consultation will take 15-30 minutes at our laboratory.

Step 1

Firstly a digital reading is taken from a natural tooth. This information helps give the important detail of colour (hue) intensity of colour (chroma) and brightness (value).

Step 2

The next step is where our experience comes into play. Under special lighting conditions we marry the first stage information together with eye perception using specially formulated shade tabs to record the tooth character and form together with a measurement of enamel translucency with our tooth mapping system.

Step 3

Finally we take digital photographs to record the natural situation and detail to remind us when we hand crafting the new restoration which is normally fitted within 2 weeks.

We use the very best dental ceramics. For us to create the next best thing to nature we need as much information as possible – bespoke shade matching makes this attainable.

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