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High quality ceramics are key to a beautiful smile. We have the knowledge, experience and materials to make great aesthetics and strength possible.

We love our work ‚Äď this is key to bringing the right level of expertise. Our passion has lead us to take courses with world renowned ceramists and speakers in their laboratories, including Willie Geller (Switzerland) and Oliver Brix (Germany), both leaders in this field.


Combines uniqueness with high performance in a most impressive way. The decision to use e.max is a decision to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of all-ceramics and benefit from easy handling and outstanding appearance.

Delivers the ultimate in metal free aesthetics and strength utilising both press and digital CAD/CAM technologies.


When you want an alternative aesthetic crown in the posterior region, but the patient has a history of chipping their existing porcelain crown, or as a alternative to gold.

Thanks to the latest developments with zirconia and digital CAD/CAM systems and our milling equipment we are pleased to be able to offer the new full zirconia crowns and bridges.

Full zirconia is a highly biocompatible material which is inert and readily accepted by the body, so it's ideal for patients where there is a concern over allergies.

Bonded ceramics

Bonded ceramics still offer opportunities as a tried and tested solution. We use IPS d.SIGN, it's natural beauty provides pure aesthetics. The fluorapatite leucite glass-ceramic features true-to-nature properties ranging from the light optical features to the enamel-like abrasion behaviour. With the well-balanced and excellently thought-out concept of IPS d.SIGN, the individual design possibilities are virtually boundless.

All dies are trimmed under magnification!

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